When registering on most cryptocurrency exchanges, these platforms usually request for personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, utility bill and government-issued ID cards. Leaving such digital trail with the exchanges removes that anonymity feature that comes with cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.

A lot of crypto users frown at this practice that may result in a breach of privacy. Thus, there is a need to develop a means to trade cryptocurrency without user identification.


Our platform allows users to trade cryptocurrency without verifying their identity. This means that the platform will not request for users personal information.

Mether is excellent for people who want to improve their anonymity when interacting with the blockchain network. We discovered that many people want to avoid exposing personal information in a Cryptocurrency exchanges, and there are several reasons for this. Users want to hide their credentials so that no authority, be it the tax authority or the government, can see their profits, investments, and losses in Crypto.


Fast & Easy Transactions

Transactions in the Mether platform are processed almost immediately and are confirmed in seconds. Speed has been one of the problems of most exchanges. Transactions are not approved quickly, and this tends to affect the operation of crypto users utilizing those platforms.


We have the safety of our users at heart which is why we have taken security as our paramount priority while building our exchange platform. We guarantee protection from hackers, and any other form of attacks that we are likely to face after our exchange server goes live.


Mether is highly reliable. Our team comprises of leading blockchain specialists from around the globe. Mether team members have excellent track records in finance, programming, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency at large.


  1. Idea

    Project idea creation

  2. Development

    Research and development of project idea

  3. Mether Airdrop

    Mether Token Airdrop & Distribution of Tokens

  4. Exchange Listing & Product Launch

    List Mether Token on Public Exchanges, and Launch Anonymous Exchange & ``Mether Pay`` Payment Gateway

  5. Develop Ecosystem

    Further Development of the Mether Token Ecosystem


Apart from presenting a decentralized anonymous cryptocurrency exchange, Mether will also serve as a payment gateway for businesses. We shall present Mether Pay, a technology that wil be beneficial to online merchants. Mether Pay will prove to be a valuable service for both consumer and retailers. We shall work on improving our acceptance point and ensure Mether Pay is accepted as a payment option by a lot of merchants.

Smart Contract Powered by Ethereum

Smart contracts are computer programs which allow for the automatic transfer of digital assets between parties based upon pre-specified conditions. These contracts perform actions when certain conditions are met. The Mether token contract ensures security, fast transaction and reliability


Token Name: Mether
Symbol: XMTK
Decimal: 18
Total Supply: 7,000,000,000
Contract address: 0x689b2270db3f9e5b4ce118f11c0757351e5c326b

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